October 4, 2023

BBC Raid: US Responds to Income Tax Searches at BBC Offices in Delhi and Mumbai

bbc raid

In response to the income tax raids at BBC offices in Mumbai and Delhi, the United States has released a statement. According to the State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price, the US is aware of BBC raid carried out by the Indian Income Tax department in Delhi. 

However, the US is not in a position to provide any judgment on the issue. Price added that he would refer the media to the Indian authorities for more information about the search. In his broader statement, he reiterated his consistent stance on the matter, not just in the Indian context but universally as well.

Speaking on the issue, the State Department Spokesperson emphasized the significance of a free press and its role in strengthening democracies. He added that the US supports the importance of freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief as human rights. This has not only strengthened democracy in the US but also in India, according to Price.

When asked if the Indian Income Tax department’s action went against the spirit or value of democracy, Price refrained from commenting, stating that he was not in a position to offer a judgment despite being aware of the search’s facts.

On Tuesday, the Income Tax department conducted raids on the Delhi and Mumbai offices of UK-based broadcaster, BBC. According to officials, the investigation pertains to documents related to the company’s business operations and its Indian arm.

This surprise action follows the recent airing of a two-part documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots and India by the broadcaster. The Ministry of External Affairs has accused the BBC of engaging in “anti-India propaganda.”

In response, BBC has stated that it is fully cooperating with the authorities and they hopes to Resolve Situation Soon.

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