Benjamin Netanyahu ousts Cabinet Member after Court ruling

Benjamin Netanyahu ousts Cabinet Member after Court ruling

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that Benjamin Netanyahu was obligated to dismiss a minister, Deri, from his position due to a previous conviction of tax evasion. Here is all you need to know why Benjamin Netanyahu ousts Cabinet Member after the court ruling.

Following a Supreme Court verdict against Aryeh Deri’s appointment, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed a prominent minister from office on Sunday, shaking the embryonic cabinet.

What PM Netanyahu said to Aryeh?

According to a declaration from the premier’s office, Prime Minister Netanyahu informed Aryeh Deri during a cabinet meeting that he was “forced to transfer you from your post as a minister in the government with a heavy heart, with tremendous grief, and with an exceedingly difficult emotion.”

Mr Deri, the leader of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish party Shas, was appointed health and interior minister last month as part of a coalition agreement reached after the November 1 elections.

In light of Deri’s conviction for tax evasion from a year ago, the Supreme Court declared on Wednesday that Netanyahu “must dismiss Deri from his position.”

What judges declared?

According to the judges, Deri made it appear as if he intended to withdraw from politics to receive a reduced punishment. The veteran politician was fined $50,000 (180,000 shekels) and forced to resign from his parliamentary seat, although he stood for office again in November.

Last month, lawmakers passed legislation that allows anyone convicted of a crime but not sentenced to prison to serve as a minister. The judges determined that Deri’s appointment “could not stand” because it was “very irrational,” according to a summary of the court’s judgment.

Netanyahu claim

Netanyahu claimed on Sunday that the decision, which allows Deri’s Shas party to continue holding the reins of power, “ignores the will of the people.” The prime minister continued by promising to try to find a way for Deri to “contribute to the state of Israel” legally.

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