October 3, 2023

Boris Johnson Claims Putin Threatened to Launch Missile at Him

Boris Johnson Claims Putin

Boris Johnson Claims Putin

According to a recent BBC documentary, Boris Johnson Claims Putin Threatened to Launch Missile at Him during a threatening phone call prior to the invasion on February 24.

Boris Johnson, former U.K. Prime Minister, claims that President Vladimir Putin threatened to launch a missile attack against him before invading Ukraine. The alleged threat was made during a phone call just before the invasion on February 24, as revealed in an upcoming BBC documentary set to air on Monday. At the time, Western leaders, including Johnson, were traveling to Kyiv to show support for Ukraine and try to prevent a Russian invasion. Johnson recalls Putin warning him, “Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a minute”.

Mr. Johnson was a strong supporter of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy from the Western countries.

However, before the invasion, he made efforts to inform Mr. Putin that Ukraine had no plans to join NATO in the near future and warned him that any invasion would result in increased NATO presence near Russia’s borders, rather than decreased.

Johnson recounts, “He asked me, ‘Boris, what do you mean by not joining NATO any time soon?’ and I replied, ‘It won’t be joining NATO in the foreseeable future, which you already know.'”

What Boris Johnson said about the missile issue?

Regarding the missile issue, Mr. Johnson stated: “From his calm demeanor and detached attitude, I believe he was merely going along with my attempts to negotiate.”

The documentary, produced by the BBC, explores the widening gap between Putin and the Western nations before the invasion of Ukraine. It also showcases Mr. Zelenskyy’s thoughts on his unfulfilled aspirations to join NATO before Russia’s invasion.

In the film, he expresses, “If you’re aware that Russia will invade Ukraine tomorrow, why can’t you provide me with something today to prevent it? If you can’t, then take action to stop it yourself.”

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