September 22, 2023

Delhi Fridge Case: CCTV Footage Reveals Nikki Outside Home Prior to Sahil’s Pickup

Delhi Fridge case

According to reports, in the Delhi Fridge case, Sahil Gehlot, a 24-year-old recent graduate in pharmaceuticals, has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend, Nikki Yadav, aged 24. The couple had been in a relationship since 2018.


Delhi Police have reportedly retrieved CCTV footage from Dwarka, showing 24-year-old Nikki Yadav shortly before she was allegedly murdered by her partner, 24-year-old Sahil Gehlot. Gehlot is accused of hiding Yadav’s body in a refrigerator at his family’s dhaba.

Yadav was killed inside a vehicle late in the evening of February 9th near Delhi’s Kashmere Gate, and her body was then transported to Mitraon Village, where Gehlot’s family-owned dhaba is situated. 

The police claim that Gehlot murdered Yadav because she wished to marry him, but he was already engaged to someone else by his family, a fact which he concealed from Yadav. After reportedly committing the murder, Gehlot went home and got married on the same day.

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What CCTV revealed about “Delhi Firdge case”?

According to sources, CCTV footage captured Nikki’s arrival at her home at approximately 1 pm on February 9th. The couple had reportedly gone out together, and the video shows Nikki returning home the following day.

In another CCTV video, Nikki can be seen waiting outside her apartment building for someone. After opening the gate and stepping out for a minute, she returns to the building. The footage is from February 9th, after 9 pm.

Police state that this incident occurred several hours before Gehlot arrived to pick her up again.

An officer stated that the last time Nikki was spotted in the vicinity was when she left with the suspect, who had apparently promised to take her on a trip to Himachal Pradesh from Kashmere Gate. According to the officer, the couple had a prolonged argument, after which the suspect allegedly strangled her with a data cable cord.

According to sources, the suspect purportedly drove around Delhi for approximately 30 to 40 kilometers before arriving at the dhaba.

Delhi Fridge Case: CCTV Footage Reveals Nikki Outside Home Prior to Sahil's Pickup

More details on “Delhi Freezer case”

A recent pharmaceutical graduate, Sahil Gehlot, has been sent to five-day police custody by a Delhi court for further interrogation.

The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Archana Beniwal, granted the Crime Branch’s request for custody of the accused to establish the exact events and locations associated with the crime.

The police had filed a remand application, stating that they required the accused to accompany them to the locations he visited following the murder, conduct searches at locations linked to the crime, and collect evidence.

At Baba Haridas Nagar police station, a case has been registered under IPC sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence related to an offence committed or providing false information to cover up the offender).

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