June 4, 2023

Delhi woman dragged by car, was with friend who ran away the scene.

delhi woman dragged
Delhi woman dragged by car
Source: India Today

New Delhi: Delhi woman dragged by car was with friend who ran away the scene. According to sources, Delhi’s Anjali Singh, whose death after being dragged by a car for 13 km prompted public uproar, was not riding alone when her scooty was involved in an accident.

About Delhi woman dragged by car

Investigators have discovered that Anjali, 20, was with a friend when a Maruti Baleno car struck her scooty in the early morning of this New Year, adding a new plotline to the capital tragedy. According to authorities, the friend fled the area after suffering only minor injuries in the collision.

Further  investigators said, Anjali was dragged behind the car because her leg got hooked in the axle.

According to police sources, the woman has been identified, and as part of the investigation, her statement will be recorded. When police were creating a route map to gain additional insight into what happened that night, the new facts came to light.

Daily new details are emerging from the investigation about the incident, which has once again raised concerns about the safety of women in Delhi.

Results of Investigation

According to the outcomes of the investigation of Delhi woman incident, the accident happened in west Delhi near Sultanpuri. The five male passengers of the vehicle have all acknowledged to drinking before the collision. The accused have reportedly informed authorities that they fled in a panic, not realizing that Anjali had been taken along.

While driving away, Deepak Khanna, the driver, claimed to police that he felt “something was trapped,” but other passengers disregarded him.

According to reports, the car dragged the 20-year-old woman around the streets for almost 13 kilometers. One of the accused Mithun noticed a hand under the car as it was doing a U-turn at Kanjhawala. The body detached once the car had come to a stop. According to the witnesses, the accused then left the spot.

The nighttime terror was captured on video by numerous CCTV cameras on the streets. The woman’s body is glued to the car as it makes a U-turn in one of the videos, which is now going viral. Here is the Delhi woman dragged by car video:

Delhi woman dragged  by car video
Source: NDTV Twitter

What the witness said?

A witness said that when he saw the body being dragged, he yelled, but the car did not slow down. He then called the police and rode his two-wheeler after the car. When the accused had left the site and the body had come off, police finally arrived.

Charges on the accused

The woman’s autopsy result is awaited, and all five suspects have been taken into custody. They face charges for reckless driving, causing death by negligence, and culpable homicide that does not constitute murder.

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