October 3, 2023

Duke vs North Carolina Basketball 2023: Dariq Whitehead Out for Game

Duke vs North Carolina Basketball 2023

The highly anticipated match-up Duke vs North Carolina Basketball 2023 is set to take place in the first round of this year’s college basketball season. Despite Duke’s winning streak and favored status, they will have to face North Carolina without one of their star players, Dariq Whitehead, due to injury.

What Duke Basketball social media accounts confirmed?

Dariq Whitehead, a former five-star recruit, will not be available for the game as he continues to recover from an injury he sustained during a match against Virginia Tech on January 23rd. This information was confirmed by the Duke Basketball social media accounts on Saturday.

Duke Basketball has now officially classified Whitehead’s injury as a sprain in his left lower leg.

Since the injury, Dariq Whitehead has been unable to participate in the games against Georgia Tech and Wake Forest. Despite his absence, the Blue Devils were able to secure impressive victories against both teams. They dominated the Yellow Jackets with a 40-point win in Atlanta, followed by a comfortable home victory against Wake Forest just three days later.

Duke’s offense seemed smoother and more well-rounded in both contests, with players such as Jacob Grandison and Jaden Schutt stepping up to fill the playing time left by Whitehead’s injury. This demonstrates the depth of talent on the team and their ability to adapt and succeed even in the face of adversity.

Dariq Whitehead prior injuries

This is the third time that Dariq Whitehead has been unable to play due to injury or illness. He previously missed the entire preseason, the first three games of the season due to a broken foot, and a game against Wake Forest due to a non-COVID-related illness. He will also miss tonight’s game.

What Duke Basketball coach said about “Duke vs North Carolina Basketball 2023”?

Despite Whitehead’s absence, Duke’s head coach Jon Scheyer remains optimistic about the player’s return and expressed hope that he would be able to play this weekend. However, Scheyer did not want to make any guarantees or rule out the possibility of Whitehead playing.

Even without one of his key players, Scheyer is eagerly anticipating his first game against Duke’s biggest rival. He sees this as a great opportunity to demonstrate the team’s strength and resilience.

Playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium is always a unique experience, especially when the crowd is enthusiastic and energetic. Our fans, including the students, have been extremely supportive throughout the season, making each game an unforgettable experience. On Saturday afternoons or evenings, when the stadium is packed and the atmosphere is electric, it truly becomes a special place to be.

Performance of Dariq Whitehead in this season

Dariq Whitehead, a freshman, has been making a notable impact on the team this season. He is averaging 8.4 points and 2.3 rebounds per game, with a team-second highest 10.0 points in ACC play. He has also been performing well from the field, shooting .412.

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