Geographic Information System (GIS) and Drones Revolutionizing Operations in West Bengal

The state government’s utilization of a Geographic Information System (GIS) is aiding in improving departmental operations.

Departments such as Irrigation and Waterways, Agriculture, and Forest are leveraging GIS to enhance performance.

GIS provides early warning about weather changes, storms, and natural disasters. Due to this advance notice, residents of South and North 24-Parganas and East Midnapore were evacuated during Amphan in May 2020, resulting in no loss of human or livestock lives.

Numerous departments, including the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, utilize drones for security. The Corporation employed drones to locate mosquito breeding grounds in enclosed homes, eliminating them.

GIS is employed to identify water bodies in various regions, particularly those inadequately maintained or encroached upon by constructed dwellings. District magistrates are also working with NATMO to map the spatial layout of available land in their districts for industrial use.

The West Bengal government has partnered with Esri India, a prominent geographic information system software and solutions provider. The GIS will be utilized in Deocha Pachami, Birbhum, where the world’s second-largest coal belt has been discovered, and work has already commenced. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has reiterated that this would alleviate West Bengal’s power crisis and generate job opportunities for local residents.

Agnendra Kumar, Managing Director of Esri India, stated, “Location intelligence is a crucial component throughout the mining life cycle, from mineral exploration to mine remediation. As minerals are being depleted faster than they can be replenished, comprehending spatial context and integrating with other geoscience technologies is essential for the sustainable development of new reserves.”

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Rajdeep Banerjee:

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