Israel Launches Air Strikes on Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza in response to rocket fire that set off alarms in Israeli Border Towns, prompting residents to seek safety, no casualties were reported.

As tensions escalate in the region, Israel launches targeted air strikes on Gaza in response to a series of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip towards Southern Israel. The action follows a tragic event in the West Bank on Thursday, where a raid by Israeli forces resulted in the deaths of seven gunmen and two civilians, marking the most significant loss of life in such a raid in recent years.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has initiated a series of strikes on the Gaza Strip, according to an official statement from the army. Reports from security sources in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, indicate that at least 15 strikes have been carried out targeting sites associated with militants. So far, there have been no reported injuries. The IDF attributes the strikes to initial rocket fire that originated in Gaza and targeted Israel shortly after midnight.

Impact on Israeli resident

Residents of Israeli communities near the border with Gaza were abruptly awakened overnight as sirens blared, signaling incoming rocket fire. The warning prompted residents to take shelter, but thankfully there were no reports of injuries. In response to the initial rocket attacks, Israel launched retaliatory strikes hours later. However, the hostilities did not end there as reports indicate that another three rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip, resulting in another round of air-raid sirens being sounded in southern Israel.

What Israeli army said about the rockets launched from Gaza?

According to the Israeli army, the majority of rockets launched from Gaza were successfully intercepted by the country’s air defense system. However, one rocket landed in an open area and another fell inside the Gaza strip. Footage of Israeli interceptor missiles being launched in the night sky above the city of Ashkelon was broadcasted by an Israeli TV channel. 

At this point, no group has claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. Earlier, following an attack in Jenin that resulted in the deaths of nine Palestinians, Hamas and Islamic Jihad had vowed to respond. 

What Palestinian Authority has announced?

The Palestinian Authority has announced that it is ending its security coordination with Israel, an arrangement that was credited with maintaining order in the West Bank and preventing attacks against Israel. In response to the current situation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel is not seeking to escalate the matter, but has ordered security forces to remain on high alert.

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