November 30, 2023

Jupiter and Venus to Align in a Rare Conjunction on March 1st

Jupiter and Venus

A unique event is set to take place in the night sky as two of the brightest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Venus, will come together in a conjunction that can be observed after sunset. 

Astronomers and stargazers can witness the rare occurrence as both planets, which were initially separated by 29 degrees at the start of this month, will move closer to each other as the day’s progress, as per a well-known astronomical website.

Initially, Jupiter and Venus seemed to be approximate “three fists” away from each other in the night sky, but their distance has gradually decreased each night. 

As of February 20, the space between the two planets had diminished to just over nine degrees, and by February 27, it will have contracted to a mere 2.3 degrees. 

On March 1, the planets will be exceptionally close, separated by only 0.52 degrees. Jupiter will be observable with a magnitude of -2.1, while Venus will be visible with a magnitude of -4.0.

Moon to add to the celestial show as Jupiter and Venus form rare conjunction this week. In addition to the planetary conjunction, the moon will add sparkle to the night sky. 

As per the same astronomical website, the two brightest planets will compete for attention in the evening sky this month, but on February 21 and 22, the crescent moon will add its unique brightness. 

Those interested in stargazing can observe the slender waxing crescent moon about an hour after sunset by looking towards the west-southwest horizon.

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