Lakers player D’Angelo Russell leaves game due to ankle sprain from unlucky play

During the first quarter on Thursday night, Donte DiVincenzo of the Warriors drove into the lane for a layup, and when he moved back onto the court, D’Angelo Russell of the Lakers stepped on his foot while stepping back to inbound the ball, causing DiVincenzo’s ankle to roll. As a result, D’Angelo Russell leaves game due to ankle sprain and did not return.

After the incident, X-rays were taken and the Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell expressed optimism that the injury wasn’t serious. However, the true test will be how his ankle feels the following day, as is often the case with ankle injuries. The Lakers’ next game is on Sunday, when they will begin a 3-game road trip in Dallas against the Mavericks, who have undergone significant changes.

In the absence of Curry, the Lakers secured a comfortable 124-111 victory over the Warriors, with Dennis Schroder stepping up in the second half to lead the charge. Malik Beasley emerged as the top scorer with 25 points, as the Lakers needed this win to boost their playoff/play-in position against a competitive opponent.

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Rajdeep Banerjee:

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