September 25, 2023

Michigan State University: Shooting on Campus Results in One Fatality

According to the police, a shooting incident took place in East Lansing Campus of Michigan State University where multiple individuals were injured, and the suspect reportedly fled on foot.

Following a shooting at East Lansing campus, Michigan State University (MSU) spokesperson confirmed that one person was killed while multiple people were injured.

The police shared on Twitter that the shooting incident involved only one suspect(active shooter); however, it was not revealed whether the suspect was apprehended.

After gunshots were reported around the East Lansing campus of the university, the MSU police directed students and faculty to remain indoors.

The university police department sent an alert around 8:30 pm advising students to “run, hide, fight.”

MSU police confirmed the occurrence of the shooting on their official Twitter handle.

Police action on Michigan State University Incident

The Detroit Free Press reported that police were restricting people, including a reporter from the State Journal, from leaving the East Lansing high school auditorium where a school board meeting was taking place.

The authorities of East Lansing, a college town located about 90 miles northwest of Detroit, and the police department tweeted that the suspect, who is believed to be on foot, is still at large.

Michigan State University is a major public higher education institution with around 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students at its flagship East Lansing campus.

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