Gurugram: Mother keeps herself & Child for Three Years of Self-Isolation Due to COVID Fear, Rescued

The woman’s partner notified the authorities that his spouse was experiencing mental instability, prompting the rescue of the mother and child. Mother keeps herself & Child for Three Years of Self-Isolation.

A woman and her ten-year-old child remained trapped inside their Gurugram residence for three years due to Covid-19 concerns. On Tuesday, the police intervened following a complaint filed by the woman’s estranged husband.

The woman’s 35-year-old husband asserted that she suffered from mental health issues. Once removed from their confinement, the mother and child were brought to a medical centre for treatment.

According to law enforcement, the woman threatened to harm her child if they were removed from the premises. With the help of the Child Welfare Team, the authorities were able to extract them from the residence successfully.

The district administration officials were taken aback by the extensive accumulation of trash in the room. “The room was filled with three years’ worth of garbage,” a representative from the Child Welfare Team disclosed.

Initially, the woman’s spouse had registered a complaint, but it was dismissed as a private matter. However, following an inspection by the district administration, the mother and child were ultimately rescued.

The initial inquiry disclosed that the family had remained indoors throughout the first wave of Covid-19. However, before the onset of the second wave, the woman purportedly prohibited her husband from entering the residence. 

When her husband left for work, she locked the house. Consequently, the husband secured another room in Chakkarpur and has been residing there for eighteen months.

According to a resident, the police initially considered the situation a private issue. However, following a plea from the troubled husband six months later, a police officer from the Chakkarpur Police Station enlisted the support of the district administration to retrieve the mother and child.

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Rajdeep Banerjee:

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