September 29, 2023

Neal Mohan to take over as YouTube CEO after Susan Wojcicki steps down

Neal Mohan

Susan Wojcicki, who is 54 years old, will be succeeded by Neal Mohan, her deputy, who is a senior executive in advertising and product. Mohan has been a part of Google since 2008.

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, announced on Thursday that Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, has stepped down from her position. Wojcicki cited her wish to focus on her family, health, and personal interests as the reason for her resignation. Neal Mohan, an Indian-American, will succeed as the new head of the com


The leadership change at YouTube is due to the decline in advertising revenue for the second consecutive quarter. This comes as competition for viewer attention increases with the emergence of short-form video services such as TikTok and Facebook’s Reels, as well as the popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix.

Who is Neal Mohan?

Neal Mohan, a Stanford alumnus, became Chief Product Officer at YouTube in 2015. During his tenure, he oversaw the development of YouTube Shorts, Music, and subscription services. Before this, Mohan spent nearly six years at DoubleClick, a company that Google acquired in 2008. Subsequently, he served as Google’s Senior Vice President of Display and Video Advertising for approximately eight years.

Why Susan Wojcicki resigned? 

Susan Wojcicki, a well-known figure in the tech industry, has announced her intention to prioritize her “family, health, and personal projects.” Wojcicki previously held the position of Senior Vice President for Ad Products at Google and assumed the role of CEO at YouTube in 2014. She will transition to an advisory role at Alphabet.

According to Paul Verna, an analyst at Insider Intelligence, it seems that Wojcicki’s departure may have been prompted by YouTube’s recent decline in performance. He also questioned whether Neal Mohan, who has a relatively low public profile, possesses the necessary leadership qualities to steer YouTube back on track.

Following the announcement, there was little movement in the value of Alphabet’s shares, which decreased by less than 1%.

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