September 23, 2023

New US Visa Restrictions Impose Ban on Taliban Women for Education and Employment

New US visa restrictions

The Taliban Imposes Ban on Taliban Women Opportunities, Prohibiting Them from Pursuing Education, Working in Public Jobs, and Enjoying Recreational Activities. Here is what New US Visa Restrictions says:

New US visa restrictions

New US Visa Restrictions

On Wednesday, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, revealed fresh visa restrictions aimed at the Taliban in New US Visa Restrictions Impose Ban on Taliban Women for Education and Employment, in response to their prohibition on women’s access to education and employment in Afghanistan.

He stated that the measures have been taken against current and former Taliban members, along with other individuals believed to be involved in or responsible for the repression of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The Secretary also pointed out that the restrictions are a response to the Taliban’s recent ban on women attending universities and working with non-governmental organizations.

ban on taliban women

Since regaining control in August 2021, the Taliban have imposed strict limitations on Afghan women, prohibiting them from participating in the workforce, attending secondary schools, universities, or visiting parks. In December, they also banned non-governmental organizations from collaborating with Afghan women, resulting in several organizations halting their operations.

What Blinken said?

Blinken emphasized that the United States will continue to collaborate with its allies to send a clear message to the Taliban that their actions will have serious consequences and impede their efforts to improve their relationship with the international community.

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