PM Modi mother has passed away. A peek at Heera Baa’s life.

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PM Modi mother new has left struck everyone. Here is a glimpse of her life and a tribute from us “May her soul be blessed with the best.”

This month, before the second and last phases of the Gujarat assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Heera Baa. Heeraben Modi (PM Modi mother) also participated in the second round of voting for the Gujarat Assembly, which took place between December 1 and December 5.

Ahmedabad: Heeraben Modi, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, died on Friday, December 30, after being hospitalized at the UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Center. Heera Baa, or Heeraben, was 100 years old. Soon after his mother was admitted to the hospital, PM Modi hurried to the facility to see her.

This morning, PM Modi stated in a tweet, “A glorious century rests at the feet of God .” Here is a image from the same:

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Before the second and last round of the Gujarat assembly election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with Heera Baa. Heeraben also submitted her ballot in the Gujarat Assembly elections’ second round, which took place between December 1 and December 5.

PM Modi has spoken multiple times about her mother, Heeraben, and her challenges while raising her six children. The prime minister once broke down in tears when telling Mark Zuckerberg about his mother, Heera Baa, and how she used to clean dishes and do tasks for neighbors to make a living.

Heeraben wanted to go to school but was unable to do so. Prime Minister Modi has spoken out frequently about his challenging upbringing and his parents’ struggles in raising and educating his family. He specifically discussed his mother, Heeraben, ‘s sacrifices for the family and her children.

As a result of being married off when she was between the ages of 15 and 16, Modi’s mother never had the opportunity to pursue a solid education, despite her desire. The prime minister further stated that she wants her children to pursue education because she never had the opportunity to do so.

About PM Modi mother(Heeraben Modi)

Most people know that Prime Minister Modi belongs to a lowly family and that he and his father used to serve tea at a Gujarati train station. Still, few know that his mother, Heera Baa, worked menial jobs to support the family, including cleaning utensils and doing housework for neighbors.

When Heera Baa gave PM Modi money, PM Modi traveled to his mother’s house in Gujarat on his 69th birthday to ask for her blessing and spend some time with her. During their private meal, Heera Baa fed the prime minister “puran poli.”

PM Modi asked his mother for her blessings, and she responded by handing him some cash. A photo of this endearing exchange quickly went popular on social media. Heeraben previously shared a home with her younger son Prahlad Modi, a retired state government officer.

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