November 25, 2023
Samsung F series phone
Samsung F series phone

A New Samsung F series phone, called the Samsung Galaxy F04, is about to be launched. We can call it an entry-level device. Officially, it is expected that this phone will be available in the market in January. This phone will be available on Flipkart.
Before the launch of this smartphone, some information has been leaked officially, let’s know about the phone.

About the Samsung F series phone

 Samsung Galaxy F04 can be priced between 7500 and 7999 It can be easily said that this is a low-budget phone Talking about the color of the phone, this phone can usually come in 2 colors – purple and green, this phone can also be available in more colors.
The specification of the Samsung Galaxy F04

This Samsung phone can have up to 8 GB of RAM. This phone will have a dual camera It can come with a full HD 6.5 inch display and you will get LED flash with this phone. The battery of this phone will usually be 5000 MTH. Its camera will be 13 and 2 MP And the selfie camera will be 5 MP. The device will come with Android 12 and is powered by a MediaTek Helio P35 processor. The phone is not expected to feature a fingerprint sensor.

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