November 28, 2023

Sons of the Forest Outplays Hogwarts Legacy on Steam with More Players

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The early access version of the co-op survival game, Sons of the Forest, is now available and has already attracted more than 250,000 players who are playing simultaneously.

Although Sons of the Forest did not launch on Steam at the scheduled time of 9 am Pacific, it became purchasable about an hour later, provided that there were no error messages. Valve’s store was experiencing some technical issues, but they seem to have been resolved as the game has now moved from the top of the most-wish-listed list to the bestsellers list, overtaking Company of Heroes 3 to claim the top spot for the week.

On launch day, Sons of the Forest has gained over 250,000 concurrent players on Steam, making it the third most popular game on the platform, trailing behind CS:GO and Dota 2 but ahead of Hogwarts Legacy. At the time of writing it is the most viewed game on Twitch at the time of writing, although it was below Hogwarts Legacy when this article was initially published.

About Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival game that serves as a sequel to The Forest, which stranded players on an island infested with cannibals after a plane crash. In this game, players are sent to another forested island in search of a missing billionaire, but unfortunately, this island is also overrun with mutant cannibals.

Similar to other modern survival games, such as chopping down trees is a crucial task in Sons of the Forest, which allows players to construct more advanced weapons and structures as they progress. However, the game features an exciting twist to the survival formula – the addition of NPC companions who can aid players with tedious survival duties, such as chopping down trees.

Chris Livingston, a writer for PC Gamer, has shared some beginner’s tips for those who have recently crash-landed in the mysterious forest of Sons of the Forest. After playing the game himself and carrying his own head around, it appears that he is making some progress.

Sons of the Forest is available on Steam for $30, and we will provide updates on our experiences with the game soon. The current Steam user reviews for the game are “Very Positive,” but it has only been available for a few hours. Since it is an open-ended survival game, it is likely that players will invest many hours into it.

The developer plans to keep Sons of the Forest in early access for “6-8 months” and intends to incorporate bug fixes, improvements to “balance and core gameplay,” more crafting and building options, additional discoveries, and “additional game mechanics and lore” into the final version.

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