October 2, 2023

Turkey Earthquake: 7.8 Magnitude Results in 5 Deaths and Extensive Building Damage

Turkey Earthquake

The US Geological Service reported a second Turkey earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 occurring near the original site 15 minutes later.

It has been confirmed by the USGS that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake took place near Gaziantep in southeast Turkey on Monday, resulting in the reported death of at least five individuals. The earthquake struck at 1:17 AM GMT and had a depth of approximately 17.9 kilometers (11 miles).

What was the magnitude of Turkey Earthquake?

The Turkish government’s disaster management agency, AFAD, reported the earthquake’s magnitude as 7.4.

The US Geological Service reported that a second, shallow earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 took place near the location of the initial quake, about 15 minutes later.

Damages made by Earthquake in Turkey

Gaziantep, a major industrial and manufacturing center located in the southern part of Turkey, borders Syria and its tremors were felt in neighboring countries including Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus, as reported by correspondents from AFP.

Although no casualties or damages have been officially reported by Turkish authorities, videos on social media show buildings that have been destroyed in several cities in the southeast of the country.

Turkey is located in an area with a high frequency of earthquakes. The region of Duzce was affected by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in 1999, which was one of the most severe earthquakes to hit Turkey in recent history.

The earthquake resulted in the loss of over 17,000 lives, including approximately 1,000 fatalities in Istanbul.

Experts have raised concerns for a long time that a significant earthquake could have devastating consequences in Istanbul, as building in the city has been allowed without proper safety measures.

Prior Turkish Earthquake

In January 2020, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Elazig, causing more than 40 fatalities. And in October of the same year, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea, leading to the deaths of 114 people and causing injuries to over 1,000 individuals.

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