October 3, 2023

US Introduces Stricter Cybersecurity Regulations with New Strategy

US Introduces Stricter Cybersecurity Regulations with New Strategy

On Thursday, the White House unveiled a fresh approach to cybersecurity as part of the ongoing effort to strengthen the nation’s digital defenses against an escalating wave of hacking and cybercrime.

The new strategy aims to shape future policy by recommending stricter regulations for cybersecurity practices across various sectors and fostering greater cooperation between the government and private companies.

The move follows a string of high-profile cyber attacks, both domestic and foreign, against the U.S. and comes amid the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, where cyber warfare has played a significant role.

According to the new strategy, China and Russia are identified as the top cybersecurity threats facing the United States. During a call with reporters, a U.S. official, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the strategy seeks to curtail the activities of Russian hackers.

The official claimed that “Russia has become a safe haven for cybercrime, and ransomware is currently the major issue we are tackling.”

Ransomware attacks, which involve cyber criminals taking control of a target’s systems and demanding a ransom payment, are among the most common forms of cyber attacks and have impacted numerous industries in recent years.

The unnamed official also stated that the criminal justice system alone is insufficient to tackle this issue and that other elements of national power need to be considered. The hope is that Russia will recognize the consequences of malicious cyber activity and show restraint.

A second U.S. official, who also wished to remain anonymous, explained that the strategy proposes establishing coalitions with foreign partners “to exert pressure on Russia and other malevolent actors to modify their behavior.”

The official went on to say, “We have managed to sustain these coalitions over the past year, and I believe we have seen some progress.”

The new strategy encompasses a range of measures, including enhancing the standards for patching vulnerabilities in computer systems and implementing an executive order that mandates cloud companies to verify the identity of their foreign customers.

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